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Ramia, nestled within the visionary landscape of Tulum 101, represents the epitome of luxury and creativity in the heart of Mexico. Tulum 101, the first master-planned community in the region, harmoniously balances rich history, stunning ecology, haute couture, and exceptional taste, creating a living experience unlike any other.

Ramia, a unique housing concept within Tulum 101, offers 71 pristine lots, each a natural canvas for creative spirits. With sizes ranging from 296 to 508 square meters, these lots serve as playgrounds for renowned architects, providing a blend of sophistication and natural beauty. Each lot is designed to elevate the vitality of the mind and spirit, fostering an environment where architectural ingenuity meets the serenity of nature.

Adjacent to the iconic location where Av. Coba meets the sea, Ramia embodies a vision where nature and infrastructure coexist in perfect harmony. The development ensures 24/7 security, a significant 60% green area, legal certainty, and private access, providing residents with peace of mind and tranquility.

Tulum 101, the canvas upon which Ramia is painted, stands as a testament to modern living. It promotes an eco-conscious lifestyle, emphasizing a „Low-Carbon Footprint“ urban mobility plan and offering amenities like a semi-Olympic pool, access to a cenote, specialized gym facilities, and a beach club. This community is an intuitive balance of luxury and nature, designed to create a contemporary, connected experience while preserving the soulful spirit of Tulum.

To explore the grandeur of Ramia and the magnificence of Tulum 101, you can visit the Ramia website, Tulum 101 website, or follow them on Instagram at @101.ramia and @101.tulum for a closer look into the unparalleled lifestyle they offer.


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